BioEffect Collection

As you age, your skin becomes far more sensitive to chemicals, fragrances and many ingredients commonly used in many beauty and cosmetic products worldwide. BioEffect focuses on natural, lasting results utilizing the properties of the skin itself, driven by the purity of natures own elements.

The BIOEFFECT collection is the leader in skincar products containing cellular activators made entirely of plants. These cellular activators are a naturally occurring element in barley seeds – one of our main ingredients in our products. These seeds are grown in volcanic pumice and watered only with spring water supplied by the pure and natural Icelandic springs and grown in greenhouses utilizing renewable underground volcanic energy for all our heating and lighting needs. As a result, our biotechnology virtually eliminates the risk of bacterial endotoxins or potential contagions associated with conventional production of beauty and skin care products.

Throughout years of rigorous testing with leading dermatologist and biochemists, BioEffect has successfully crafted a unique formula which serves as a base in our EGF serums and contains only natural ingredients without the need for preservatives, fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. This has allowed us to create a line of products that enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself, while continuing to moisturize and nourish the skin itself, allowing beautiful, healthy looking skin to be returned to even the most exhausted and sensitive of applicants.